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1. Arrange the viewing trip with Agency. Prior taking the trip inform yourself about the fee structure. Make sure to sign Agency representation agreement.

2. If you decide to buy specific property, an agent will check if the price can be negotiated (all prices advertised/contracted are net amounts toward sellers) and arrange the payment schedule with the seller, if required. Consult the agent about the buying option – as a private individual (not available to all nationalities) or via company route, depending on the future purpose of the property (residential or commercial).

3. Organize the reservation deposit to put the property off the market. This deposit is not refundable by Law. Pre-contracts are often signed if realization of the purchase will take certain time (i.e. off-plan projects), otherwise the main contract is signed. No occupation can take place before contract is signed and payment executed. All legal aspects are done by independent solicitor.


1. Foreign legal entity or natural person may establish a company. A company is a legal entity. Buying through the company may have its advantages. The status of a legal entity is acquired by being entered in a court register. A company is liable to settle its debts with all its assets. Private limited company is the most common type of the firm in Croatia.

2. Authorized capital (HRK 20,000 for a private limited company) equal to ca. 2.700 EUR must be paid into a bank account, and the receipt of deposit should be enclosed when registering a company. Incorporating private limited company is a process that takes approximately 10 days and involves your lawyer, notary public (fee of ca 700 EUR required) and Commerce court.

3. An accountant needs to be engaged in running the company during and after the buying process. It is an additional expence of ca. 100 EUR per month, but may vary depending on the quantity of job. Accountant will provide contract for his services.

4. Approval by the Ministry of Justice is not required. Your contract deposited at the Court will be processed in order to obtain title dead. No capital gains tax applies to the companies. However, company (profit) tax is payable at 20% rate.

Buying a company that owns a property is not subject to real estate transfer tax / stamp duty (RETT).


1.All foreign individuals from EU can buy property in croatia same like Croatian citizens

2.Foreign inviduals from other countries need an approval from Croatian Ministry of Justice when the contract is executed. Until the approval is given (takes 3-4 months), you will be allowed to enter into possession of the property. Approvals are given only to nationalities with which Croatia has established reciprocity in property purchase (ask the agent if your country is on the list). When the approval is granted, your contract deposited at the Court will be processed in order to obtain title dead.


1. Agency fee of 3%+VAT payable as defined in representation Agreement (in installments for off-plan properties or in full for resale properties after execution of the sales / purchase contract).

2. Solicitor is paid ca. 1,5%+VAT (their charges are regulated by the Ministry of Justice), excluding notary public fees (insignificant cost).

3. RETT (5%) is paid by every new buyer (domestic and foreign). Tax application is sent within 30 days from signing the sales / purchase contract and paid within 15 days from receiving the resolution from the Tax office. RETT is charged on the full sales / buying value if the property is built: a) before January 1, 1998 or b) on sale by entity excluded of VAT system. RETT is charged only on the value of land / infrastructure (ca. 21% from the full sales / purchase value) if the property is built after January 1, 1998 and by the entity included in VAT system. In such case, amount of VAT (ca. 14% from the full sales / purchase value) can be refunded if the buyer

is an entity within VAT system and the property is used for commercial purposes.

4. Utilities are paid monthly (or quarterly). Annual expences are around 550 – 600 EUR. Property management may be wise decision for handling the utilities, as well as insurance if you will not spend much time in the property.

5. If bought as a private person, no capital gains tax applied if sold later than 3 years from the purchasing date.


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